Mindfulness Coping Skills Group

Bay Area Mindfulness Groups for Teen Girls

Adolescence is one of the most challenging stages in our lives. We are faced with peer pressure, school, activities, parents, not to mention all the hormonal changes in our bodies. Most adolescents feel that they don't have a say in their lives and that what happens to them is out of their control. Parents sometimes feel frustrated or sad because they might think they have lost the connection they once had with their children.

In this group girls are able to share their frustrations and difficulties with other girls going through the same things, gain an awareness that they are not the only ones struggling and form healthy and respectful peer relationships. Girls will learn mindfulness coping skills that can help them overcome difficult situations, become more aware of their feelings, communicate clearly and ask for what they need appropriately. They will learn and practice self compassion, as well as breathing and relaxing techniques that aid in better focus. They will also explore different aspects of themselves, while learning how to accept them all. Girls will learn that they do have a say in their lives and how to better accept and deal with their emotions and the pressures around them. We will use fun games, art projects, movement and discussions to better learn all these strategies.

Group is once per week for 6 to 8 weeks.

Please inquire by sending me an e-mail or calling me AT (415) 407-1513